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During the second semester of my junior year at Biola I was a staff member at 6th Street Public Relations, a student-run PR agency at Biola that provides students with the opportunity to practice and offer PR services to real-world clients. 
Throughout the semester I participated in 6th Street, I had the honor of working with TruAdopt, an adoption law firm that pairs expectant parents with adoptive parents and provides legal representation for the expectant parents throughout the adoption process. 
The project our 6th Street team focused on delivering for TruAdopt throughout the Spring 2019 semester was organizing an hour-long (for credit) chapel event at Biola where students could learn about the beauty in adoption from a Biblical perspective and the services that TruAdopt offers to expectant mothers and/or expectant parents. 
The chapel event featured speakers from TruAdopt, Celeste Liversidge (Founder) and Emily Kampen (Director of Marketing) who spoke about TruAdopt and their mission to champion women in crisis and change perspectives on adoption, as well as professor of New Testament at Talbot, Dr. Gary Manning, who spoke about his family of 6 biological children and 4 adopted children, the need for adoptive families, and God's heart for adoption. 

6th Street PR

TruAdopt Chapel Video